Recently a friend told me that you can use coffee grounds as a great way to control odour. He said he uses it to get rid of the greasy oil smell after frying food. He also claimed it worked so well, that you canĀ  use it to get that nasty teenage boy smell out of a room!

Use unused, fresh coffee grounds

Now that got my interest. It almost sounded too good to be true: just putting some fresh coffee grounds on a saucer, and letting it sit in the room and all the hormone smelliness disappears. So I stored that piece of advice in the back of my mind under the ‘I might try it someday when I have the time’ file. Until I read an article in the newspaper about how drug traffickers use coffee grounds to hide the potent smell of marijuana. If they are using it, it must be working, was my thought. And, being a desperate mom, I decided to invest some valuable time and investigate this ‘miracle worker’ without delay. It would be very nice to be able to enter my son’s bedroom without having to pinch my nose!

Coffee grounds as deodorizer.

Coffee grounds as deodorizer.

TestĀ  result: smell gone?

And, did it work? Let’s say I am not sold yet. What did happen, was that the room started smelling a lot like coffee. I don’t dislike coffee, but having a room with an ever present espresso aroma is not really my cup of tea either. Too much of a good thing. However, my son never mentioned the fact that I sneakily tried to deodorize his cave. I was amazed: could it be true that he did not smell an odour so strong that I could detect it in the hallway, with his bedroom door closed? Or was he just ignoring me, like he usually does?

My conclusion

Over the course of a few days, the grounds lost their potency, and the room still smelled like a teenager. But that was to be expected, because he still uses his room and ‘reapplies’ the hormones, so to speak. Therefore my conclusion would be to use coffee grounds as a deodorizer after he has moved out, which probably means never, or just after frying food. At least it would give the kitchen that freshly made pot of coffee aroma!