Green tea has many health benefits

Green tea is known to have many health benefits. The Chinese have known this for a long time, and they have been using it to treat everything from headaches to depression.

Some of the know health benefits of drinking green teas include:

  • Lower cholesterol
  • Weight loss
  • Liver protection
  • Helps fight heart disease
  • Younger looking skin

Green tea has powerful anti-oxidants, which give it so much of its healthy powers. There are all kinds of variations, so you will likely be able to find several types of green teas you will like. Some of the available sorts include:

  • Decaffeinated
  • Jasmin
  • Honey ginger
  • Honey lemon

And did you know that researchers also found that green tea kills bacteria that cause dental plaque?

THE Book On Green Tea

All you need to know about Green Tea is written down in this classic: Green Tea – The Natural Secret for a Healthier Life by Nadine Taylor.

Secret Ancient Chinese Formula

Secret Ancient Chinese Formula